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Squaredog & Roundcat is a high-end television and video production management company responsible for creating original and innovative marketing and communications videos designed to engage specific target audiences by utilising their direct links to leading television professional directors, producers and creative teams through-out the world.




Imagery speaks 1000 words.

at 25 frames per second,

That’s 1.5 Million words a minute.

What | We Do

If you want your message to be ignored put it on paper. If you want it to be listened to – use video.

We make:

  • Staff & Executive interviews and messages
  • Video newsletters
  • Monthly video magazines or studio shows
  • Television adverts
  • DVD/BluRay/Video file duplication & circulation
  • Celebrity bookings
  • Scripting, shooting and editing – to your needs

4 Reasons to Use Video:

  1. The Fusiform Facial area makes us pay attention to faces
  2. Voice conveys rich information
  3. Emotions are contagious
  4. Movement grabs attention

Source: Psychologist Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D.


BBC trained producers and directors. 20 Years in the business.


Any size, anywhere – any celeb.

Internal Communications

Former RBS Group internal comms specialists.

Sponsorship & Brand Management

From the England Cricket team to Formula One.

We have a unique

blend of talent that allows

us to offer  a diverse

range of services.

Intelligence without ambition

is a bird without wings.

Salvador Dali


internal communications

Global Banking & Markets
Corporate Risk Solutions (CRS)
Planning For Success
One Logica
Sustainable Investment

marketing and branding

Conor Saves You Money – Promo
ECCO – Promo
Vertex – Promo
Launch Pad – Animated
Novelle water – Promotional Branding
NatWest Cricket Club

For two years we worked alongside M&C Saatchi to produce video content and brand strategies for NatWest Sponsorship Initiatives in association the England Cricket Team and the NCC.

This included complete NatWest.com integrated web videos, animated logos, titles, team interviews, event packages and presenter/player led scripted promo films.

broadcast television

The people we use to make video comms also make standard broadcast television programmes and have been doing for 15 years. The three examples below we produced and directed by our MD Craig Duncan.

Beat My Build – Channel 4
Country Show Cook Off – BBC 1
League Of Their Own – Sky1HD


Pre-Production | Production| Post-Production

If you have ANY questions contact us – we love to chat, and chatting is free! Until then, maybe the answers below will help.

What is 'Pre-Production'?
PLANNING: We meet you and listen. Usually we will approach the process backwards and focus first on whom the video message is meant for and how it should be received. Then we will draw-up and budget a few ideas and finally present them to you with schedules to support a realistic delivery date. Once the project is agreed we will start rounding the troops, booking people and resources and making it all happen. We usually expect at least 50% of the fee up front on most projects.
What is stage 'Production'?
FILMING: The shooting commences following a tight, well planned schedule – supported by a realistic budget.
What is 'Post-Production'?
EDITING: This is the exciting and creative stage where pictures and sound are manipulated to make the video come alive. As a client you will usually be heavily involved, checking versions of the edit and making sure it is coming together just how you like it. We will have the dits available to view in a central London location or we can probably bring it to you remotely. Cuts can also be viewed online – hidden behind a securely passworded firewall.
What is 'Grading'?
FINISHING: This is adding the cherry on the cake by grading every shot, adjusting exposure and improving audio levels, music mixes and generally giving the whole project a finish you’ll adore. It’s a crucial stage to make a video really shine – but is not nessesary on some of the lower budget projects.
How much does it cost?
We will usually listen first to your needs and offer 3 ideas at variable prices. We use professional services and freelances. We will also be hiring professional kit and technology should we need it. However, as a ball park, for a very basic video stripped back to bare minimum, expect a shoot and edit to cost around £2000 per 5 minute film. That’s cheap. If this is way beyond your budget call us to tell us what you need and we will either do it at a price you can afford or recommened a good, yet, less-professionally robust source to make it for you. The cheaper option can cause you stress and disappointment, so choose wisely.
How do I start the ball rolling?
Call us as soon as you can with as much information as you can. If you have been given a rough budget let us know – remember you are paying for high level skills and a professionals’ time. This guarentees a quality and experience in which you will feel proud and confident the very best is being delivered.
We are a forthright an honest business and cut through the BS. We know what we are doing and we do it well. We can also be very lovely!

spread your message, learn be heard

we know how to tap that space

Talk to the professionals before your peanuts attract monkeys.

Contact | Us

  • 22 Luminoscity
    49 Drayton Green Road
    London W13 0NW
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  • Phone: +44 (0)20 8810 0785
  • Email: refresh@squaredog.tv
  • Twitter: @squaredogtv
  • Company No. 6556267
    Registered S&R Media Ltd
    VAT No. 934 8148 05
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